Google Wave RIP

So Google officially came out and killed Wave.  Here is yet another technology that I've learned that has one away.  They claimed adoption, frankly I was waiting for it's release!  I was planning on speaking about it at the SPEVO conference in London, but I got volcanoed out but I was going to switch topics anyways. 

Some of the problems stem from the browser war.  Chrome loosely interpreted an HTML tag while IE strictly interpreted it.  This meant that worked in chrome and not IE.  So that kind of killed the whole Google wave to SharePoint integration.  Another thing that got worse was they playback.  It sometimes got out sequence and didn't playback character for character like they promised.  In the beginning it was great because it was different by providing the user with the context of time.  Towards the end it was just another forum or discussion board. 

It's really too bad that technology didn't make it.  I think if someone were to deploy what Google had advertised I think would have been a great success.

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