Migration to sitefitiny

I just migrated from CMS 2002 to sitefinity.  I looked at a lot of different options and decided that sitefinity was best for me.  The migration was fairly strait forward with a few minor hiccups here and there.  All in all I’m pretty happy with sitefinity.

How I decided which WCM tool to use.

First of all free was a qualifier.  If I couldn’t get it for free then it didn’t get looked at.  A logo at the bottom of the page is a small price to pay for me, which is the requirement of sitefinity and others.

I looked at community server which I ended up using for the South Florida SharePoint User Group SFSPUG.  Community Server was really more geared to a community site, as you would expect by the name.  Telligent also makes a product called Graffiti and I looked at that as well.

I almost went with Graffiti, but I was having a terribly hard time trying to figure out how to make a template for it.  I found a few on the web and they caused errors so it was really difficult for me to imagine myself working with it on an irregular basis.  Which is the kind of love this site gets as I’m always working on someone else's project.  Then I dove into Umbraco, which is priced right but I couldn’t get things to work as advertised.

I think Umbraco is going to be a great product one day, but I just feel it’s in an awkward period right now.  I will defiantly look at it again some day.  It has a lot of the features and flexibility that I was looking for.  The awkward part was that some of the out of the box functionality just didn’t work.  Maybe I configured it wrong or I did something weird to it  but in any case it just seems like it takes more time than I’m willing to invest.

Sitefinity seemed to offer the best of the WCM that I was looking for.  You get the Telerik controls which are cool.  The editor is usually what makes other WCM systems better.  It seemed about neck and neck with Dot Net Nuke, actually the Dot Net Nuke has a bigger community more components.  I saw that you get all of the Telerik controls for free and that was pretty much the deal closer for me.  I’ve used Infragistics a lot and have enjoyed the functionality that I can bring with them and haven’t used the Telerick controls much.

I have some ideas that I’d like to explore around some of the Telerik controls with SharePoint so this was a big deciding factor for me.  I want to use their controls to look at a SharePoint list and render appropriately.  So this is more of a pet project for me.

Development with sitefintiy

It’s pretty easy.  Make a masterpage and inside sitefinity you create a template based on a masterpage.  It’s a pretty common approach or at least one I’m familiar with so it settled well with me.  The editing is not in context,  you have to go to a special url,  find the page and then edit.  I like the CMS 2002, ePrise and many others approach where it’s totally in context.  You’re looking at your page live and you make a simple change to the URL, loggin and you’re in edit mode.  So you’re never too far away from a live site.

Sitefinity uses more of a console approach.  So you have to go find the page your interested in and then edit it.  Many WCM tools take this approach and though it’s not my favorite it’s becoming fairly popular and typically provides a cleaner interface.

The console they provide it’s easy to add your own user controls too.  Well it seems easy enough.  So a user, that’s me, can drag and drop functionality onto the page.


What’s next?

I’m used to SharePoint lists.  It’s tough to beat a SharePoint list.  I find the sitefinity lists wanting.  So what I plan on doing is using the Telerik controls to front end a SharePoint lists for CRUD (create, read, update and delete).  I’m thinking about doing something with community events, just not sure I want to maintain it.  I’m half tempted to let the community maintain it but I’ve seen the comment spam on my blog so that’s probably not a good idea.

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Comments (1)

  • Abilio Duarte 9/24/2009 12:00:00 AM

    Hi Stacy, I was searching in the web for any help on migrating from cms 2002 to sitefinity and I came across with you site. Is the migration to hard? Did you had some gideline on how to do it.
    Because, I believe that the information content inside CMS is divided in different tables, isn´t it?
    I don´t know to much about CMS 2002, sow I can be wrong.

    Thanks for the attention and congrats for the site.
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