Microsoft Terminal Services Client /admin replaces /console

Clients love me so much they want to see me in their building everyday.  I wouldn't say that my clients have crappy equipment they just don't buy the same stuff I would.  So I go to work.  Terminal services into my network from the clients office.  So I used to use mstsc /v:myServer /f /console  v is for serVer f is for full screen and console . . . well that puts me on the console session.  It's nice this way because when I get local I can just log in and everything is the way I left it.  well as of recent mstc 6.1 I believe console has been replaced with admin.  so instead of /console its now /admin.  /console doesn't give you an error, it just doesn't do any thing.  I wonder why they couldn't have just reused the console switch to maKe ADMIN DO WHAT IT DOES NOW!!!!

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