I won an X-Box


The Greater Southeast District Information Worker Community (GSDIWC) is a member only site that I participated in and won a X-Box 360 among other things. What follows below is a note from Mike Gannotti the site administrator:

Greetings All,

I had hoped to have the monthly newsletter out by now to include the winner announcement but have been buried and won’t have a chance to do that until tomorrow. However, since quite a few of you have inquired on this I thought I would quickly send out a note before I hit this road this morning.

Without further ado…… (drum roll please) The winner of the Xbox 360 contest is……… Stacy Draper!

Congratulations Stacy. A brand new shiny Xbox 360 will be headed your way. It pays to participate at GSDIWC. I will be announcing a new contest with a new top prize shortly but for those who may be interested the rules are the same as the previous contest. Best of all contributions (questions, answers, tips & tricks) submitted starting this month will count towards the next round. Well I have to hit the road so have a great day everyone.

You can go to the site and find the link to sign up and Mike will get you all hooked up.  Basically the contest is pretty simple.  It's a drawing and the entry is in the form of points.  the more points you have to more times you are entered to win.  I'm the guy who buys just one lottery ticket, but I really tilted it this time.  I entered a lot.  You get 1 point for each question you ask, 2 points for each question you answer and 5 point for writing an article.  Come to think of it I don't know how many points I earned.

Tell 'em I sent you!

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