Completed SharePoint 123

Yesterday I completed SharePoint 123 course and then went to a bar-b-que.

In case you hadn't heard of it you can find it at The Atlanta Microsoft Professionals ( who are Brendon Schwartz, Keith Rome, Matt Ranlett, and Dan Attis built course ware for SharePoint.  It can be done in 6 different sessions, there are 3 hours of lecture and 3 hours of Lab.  I say lecture but it's really demo.  The 300 course had only 15 slides in it for a 3 hour talk and I think half of those were slides that said DEMO.

Being an MCT in the past I know that it takes about three hours for every hour of presentation to prepare.  I went through everything and felt pretty confident about it.  Everything worked for me.  That's when I should have realized there was a problem.  Nothing worked in my presentation.  The demo gods were angry that day.  Luckily Brandon Schwartz popped in after watching me struggle a few minutes he realized I was drowning and jumped in to help fill the voids as I was feverishly trying to get my demos to work.

I learned a lot from the 300 presentation in particular.  I really liked the VBA to SharePoint techniques. It didn't work in my demo, but I was really impressed when I saw it working while I was preparing for the presentation.

This course ware was really well thought out.  I never knew how much so until Brandon told me that it took 4 guys took 3 months to put it together.  That's 1 year in people years!

If you don't get opportunity to watch or give the presentation I strongly suggest reading the slides and doing the labs.  Just going through and preparing for it was either a great refresher or something completely new.

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