SharePoint's MOM has got it goin' on!

With the whirl-wind of new things coming out it's sometimes difficult to get brilliant at the basics.  While at the SharePoint Conference 2006 I went to a session on MOM.  ADM201 Using Microsoft Operations Manager to Monitor and Maintain Your Farm presented by Tyler Butler and Tomasz Tomko.  If I remember correctly these guys were dressed up like a couple of chiefs.  The conference was a lot of fun.  Come to think of it I've always referred to MOM like a spice, "SMS is great for your deployment issues and there's no better way to keep on top of the server than using MOM."  adding it to the recipe of a typical successful implementation.    I've never had much of a problem getting MOM implemented, it's usually a case where the network guys (or gals, people?) have been asking for it for a while and I come in and seal the deal.  The influential voice from the outside that frustrates everyone, "I've been saying the same thing for months now and nobody would listen to me!"  I really do enjoy being the new guy.  The truth is that who ever was resistant was truly already beaten to a pulp and had already decided that it was a good way to go.  They just didn't have a compelling business reason to do it.  Like I eluded too earlier, MOM hasn't been on of those things that I've had to work really hard at selling.  I usually just point you you have x number of users on a system and it would be smart to watch that system and know when it's going to fail.  And if that doesn't work I go on to say that many failures can be prevented by monitoring, there are many indicators that present themselves through MOM long before the system actually fails and the users have a bad day.  Eyes usually widen followed by a head nod and I move on.  Next thing you know there's a MOM project on the board.  But what the heck is it?  What makes is a really great monitoring tool?

Management Packs are exceptionally cool.  Management Packs Contain:

  • Rules - what to watch
  • Alerts - How to notify
  • Know Do- Causes and Resolutions
  • Task - execute a command
  • Views - filtering of information

The Know Do part sounds a little far fetched to me at first but then they explained it and there are common things that happen all of the time.  Microsoft has created advice or tips on how to solve some of these problems.  If you think about it, it sure beats search the knowledge base all on your own.  Even just presenting the cause of a problem is great.  If you know what causes the problem then that's half the fight.

There was a wss 3 management pack coming out or it is out.  It has three monitoring Scenarios:

  • Database
  • Active Directory
  • Services
  • E-Mail

The MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server)

  • Web Content Management
    • Caching
    • Content Deployment
  • Enterprise Content Management
    • Document Conversion
    • Information Rights Management
  • Portal Services
    • Profiles and audiences
    • Shared Service Provider
    • Business Applications
  • Search Services
    • Physical Issues with the server
    • Failures during index creation
    • Failures during Propagation of the index
    • Availably of the query Servers
  • Form Services (Sha-Wing!1)
    • Form Business Logic
    • Data Connections
  • Excel Services (Sha-Wing!1)
    • Excel Calculations Service
    • Disk Cache
    • Memory Usage
  • Project server 2007
    • Active Cache
    • Queue Service

And of course it's all extensible.  You can take existing Management Pack and modify it or create your own.  Kind of like a Mr. Potato Head - Fun for the whole family!

1 A feature in MOSS that I like a lot!

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