First day on into the first morning

So the first day was registration and hand on lab.  I was the first one to register!  The folks inside were laughing at me because I was sitting out side at 4:30 and registration didn't start until 6:00.  They let me in around 5 pm.  I think mostly because they felt sorry for me, but that's fine I'll take it.  I completed 2 labs and reviewed several others while talking to the fella's next to me.  It was a fairly interesting conversation comparing notes of impressive problems that we've run up against.  One guy works with notes and the other was an implementer in Canada.  I'll probably run into them again.  I'm not sure how many people are here, at this point I'm guessing less than 1000?  I'm sure there will be more people who came in during the night and early morning.

During my connection I asked my wife to find me a town car.  They are usually flat rates and are a bit more professional.  At least I've never been in a town car with burning incense.  Walter is an excellent driver and very polite as well (and no burning incense).  The hotel, the Paragon, is pretty nice though I didn't think so when I first rolled up.  It looks like an older motel on the outside, but the inside is new and beautiful.  Best of all, the people are exceptionally nice and helpful all without the condescending feel.  It's been pretty good so far.  I do have to say the bath towels are my favorite!  They are about 5 foot long and proportionally as wide and about an inch or two thick.  This was a very thirsty towel it felt like I was drying off with a soft terry cloth quilt.  They have free wireless, but I wasn't able to hook up.  I think something happened to me when I connected to the network in West Palm Beach (PBI).  They have free wireless there but I was having a strange connection.  Like it wouldn't stay connected.  I got caught up in a situation where I was running ipconfig /renew and quickly going to a page.  The last page I was on was quite long so I just was reading until they started boarding the plane.  But I think something happened to me in that place.  I cannot connect now.  It's like the network drivers are messed up.  I can see everything with netstumbler but I can't connect via a hard wires connection nor a wireless one (can't even see the waps with the wiresless).  So here I am in the hotel lobby with a line of people forming, wondering, "when's he going to be done!"

I've gone through my bag of goodies.  They handed out nice laptop bags.  I like this one so much I might actually switch.  There are a lot of venders specializing in a lot of different things.  I'm not going to write reviews just yet, I want to actually go meet the folks and then I'll put something together.

Today I plan on eating breakfast (I didn't get this big by skipping meals), watching Bill Gates presentation and attending sessions.  I don't have any session picked out yet, probably do that over breakfast.  Speaking of which I think it's ready.

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