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Ok so I've been awarded a couple of prizes from Community-Credit, and I'm forever wondering.  Where do they get that cool stupid crap at?  Ok, so let me first say that I'm fairly banner blind.  I never really noticed that there were Think Geek banners all over the Community-Credit site.  Or even knew what they did.  Until now I never got anything good in life from a banner.  Out of all the  stuff they got on Think Geek I initially ordered some cool stuff that I really need like a crossover adapter.  How cool is that?  An adapter that takes a normal Ethernet cable and turns it into a cross over cable. Sweet!  I don't know when but I'm sure I'll need this some day.  I just hope i have it with me when I do.  The other cool thing I got was a power squid.  This thing is going to be great.  I was buying 6 inch extension cords from Home Depot and using those for my transformer problem.  You know the one, it's the problem where you plug in a transformer and then it conveniently covers up 3 other plug holes.  In looking at the box it's meant for building buildings or something.  It supports like 1,827 Watts, so I'll never have to worry about burning it up.  Most everything that I'll plug in it runs up into the high milliwatts.  Apparently the company has no idea that there are millions of developers out there who don't use a saw or a drill to build things.  But do have a Jabara devices, an HTC device or two and countless powered USB hubs.  Ever notice how you can't have too many USB ports?  Dang what the heck am I using all these plugs for?

I got everything yesterday (Friday 5/5) and I ordered it on Tuesday 5/2.  I got the cheapest shipping option there was ($7.52). Some companies charge you more for the more stuff you ship.  I'm not sure but I have a feeling these guys will fill up the box if you order a bunch of stuff.  The box they sent is roughly 10 x 10 x 22 maybe just a little bigger.  I was standing up when measured and the box was on the floor.  I have a bunch of stuff in my cart today so it's hard to tell because the Airzooka Air Gun looks quit large.  I'm not sure if I need one of those.  But the cost of shipping did go up to around $10, still a fair price I guess.

When I first started browsing the site I was thinking that since it was a novelty site that I would be too expensive but it was really that bad.  The cross over plug was $7 and the Power Squid was $13.  When you think about how much a power strip costs it seems very reasonably priced.  There is stuff on there that seems expensive. 

There is a wi-spy spectrum analyzer $99.  I could really use that here in my home.  I have WAP's popping up everywhere just so I can get the availability I'm looking for and then there are occasions where I have to unplug and plug in the WAP and that usually fixes the problem.  And I would probably pay $99 to make the problem go away but I really think it's because of the hardware.  I figured I'd out smart Think Geek and look around for something of equivalent functionality for less.  I couldn't find it.  I've since tried this with a few products with no luck.

The website is very usable and error free.  Something I always admire in a site.  It's also laid out in a very traditional way, very readable and usable.  The product descriptions are very entertaining, reminiscent of Seinfeld's J. Peterman.  I don't know how the returns work yet, but I haven't tried either of my products.  They seem like they'll do fine.  The order management section is fairly impressive.  I can see my previous orders, carts, and it appears that I can even start an RMA process right form the web.

They have an affiliate program (that I haven't signed up for), maybe David will make a comment on this post and let us know if Community-Credit got it's commission.  I really like this site.  I just hope they stay current with gadgets! 

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