Community Credit Point Rush!

David Silverlight has done great things with Community-Credit that I wasn’t aware of.  Apparently there are other sites integrated with Community-Credit.   When you sign up for an event on Alex’s SherStaff you get 1,000 points.  Plus you’d get more points for actually showing up.  This still leaves a lot of work for David.   I can’t imagine what kind of masochist he is.  Not only does he have millions of points to conservatively hand out, I bet there is a lot of contention about what is fair and what is not fair.

I was looking to see what other people do to gain points.  That’s how I stumbled upon the sites integration.  I noticed that some people are fairly conservative others are fairly aggressive.  I saw a 1000 word article that was posted in four sections - that’s roughly 250 words per part.  Not saying that it wasn’t a good article but I’m not sure that it was 40,000 points worth.  So I was kind of miffed and was going to send out a rash of emails to the author and to David and to the world at large.  But with further examination I discovered that the articles were posted on a site that was integrated with Community-Credit.

Giving the author the benefit of the doubt, it probably wasn’t his fault.  Being totally automated the site probably submitted the 1 article as 4 separate ones.  Spitefully I signed up for an event that I’m already scheduled to speak at.  I guess it’s a minor problem compared to the amount of fun I’m having.  Last month I won a boss toss.  Besides at the end of the day it’s what ever David deems as appropriate.  That guy contributes so much time and energy I’m totally fine with being judged by him.  I’m still trying to figure out if he’s more generous and the end of the month or nearer the beginning.  We’ll see.  Until then I can’t wait to get my boss toss!  Maybe at the May MUG?  See you there!

Keep up the good work David! (Can you hear that?  That’s the sound of me kissing ass!)


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