Images not displaying properly in dasBlog

So I got dasBlog installed and was using and was very very happy.  I got all excited and wanted to add an image.  that was fine but then I had a big space in my text.  So I used the align property to make it wrap.  I finished my post and submitted it.  That's when bad things started happening.  The space for the image was there but the actual image wasn't.  Not only that, when I right clicked where the image should be I got the properties for the image.  Confused yet?

So in searching the web I learned some things.  Align is deprecated for one.  We use float now.  Ok fine. . . it still doesn't work.  I know for certain that I'm a victim of the absolute positioning phantom.  I personally like a flow layout using a table but they'll probably deprecate that too!  (Actually I don't think it's compliant with the disability standards) .  So for the last two hours I've been messing around with every z-index in dasBlog.  Yeah non of those worked too!

I don't know if my solution is any good and it's certainly open for debate.  In my search I came across this site of course I didn't read it.  I just looked for stuff that would affect FLOAT and I found CLEAR and DISPLAY.  The display I used is inline-block.  Frankly I'm confused by that one.  Visual Studio isn't exactly a champion when it comes to CSS but it's ok.  There is inline and block but there isn't an inline-block.  having a black belt in cut and paste who am I to question?

in dasBlog.css I added:

display: inline-block;

.itemBodyStyle, .commentBodyStyle
so mine looks like this:

.itemBodyStyle, .commentBodyStyle
clear: both;
display: inline-block;
margin: 0px;
padding-bottom: 1em;
font-family: Verdana;
font-weight: normal;

essentially this clear the other floats and let's the image and text do it's wrapping thing.

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