Mike Fitzmaurice's Introduction to Upcoming SharePoint Products and Technologies

I just got done watching Mike Fitzmaurice's Introduction to Upcoming SharePoint Products and Technologies.  As I spell out the title of the presentation I think, "Wow, there's yet another way to describe the product without actually mentioning the name."  Plus he almost mentions a release date but just says later this year. 

I think the presentation was outstanding and if you are the least bit interested in the product you should take a look at it.  It doesn't mater how you work with it.  If you just happen to sit next to the guy who does SharePoint stuff you should still watch it.

Here's some stuff that makes it so great!

  • He covers some of the new terminology in WSS 3.0.  There are Features, Components (made up of features) and sites (made up of components).
  • The Site Management Functionality is so much better.  I can't tell you how often I've looked around for a certain administrative tool and can't find it.  In some cases I've resigned myself to starting at the top of the list and work my way down.  Now things are grouped together in a much better view.
  • Content management is shown briefly.  The web part is called a placeholder control.  So hopefully they took the stuff that works in CMS server and put it into SharePoint vNext
  • He went over a lot of Business Intelligence Improvements as well.
    • The excel services demo is pretty great.  Basically the Office Web Extensions are being replaced by good old fashion asp.net and JavaScript no more activeX controls.  But that doesn't mean we have limited functionality (Though I suspect it means we have huge JavaScript files)
    • He talks about filtering on web part connections, so that you can change the filter for one web part it changes the filter for all of them.
    • KPI lists and summary pages.  This is a great section, integrated with SQL Analysis server, the possibilities are endless.
    • Reporting is very robust, now we can connect to more than one data source
    • Records management - which we kind of faked in SPS or WSS today has it's own technology in vNext.
  • Searching customizations are way better.  You don't have to be a programmer to get what you want!

I guess it's obvious to say I liked the presentation quite a bit and recommend it to everyone.  Even if you just sit next to the person who does SharePoint!

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