• Working with existing SharePoint views from code

    Every week I have to fax a form that has data that I keep in a log, a SharePoint list actually.  The recipient expects it to be done by hand, I guess there aren’t many people who go the extra step and make a SharePoint list.  I was just hoping to export the information to an excel spreadsheet,  but the spreadsheet confused them.  They just wanted to see their little for filled out by hand.  I don’t like to do anything by hand.

    Using GDI+ to load up the form as a bitmap then using the Graphics object to draw text in a comic font, kind of looks like I wrote it by hand.  I had even considered (and still considering) buying our own fonts, for each person who enters information into the log, from a place like www.yourfont.com.  By checking the “last modified by” to see whose font ...

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