• Audio stops working in Windows Server 2008

    My workstation operating system (OS) is Windows Server 2008, for a number of reasons, but mostly so I can better describe what settings need to be set where.  Everyone once in a while my audio has quite working.  Actually on any server os my audio quits a lot.  It usually comes back when I reboot but I don’t reboot but every 15 to 30 days.  I have a bazillion things open and rebooting is always a pain in the butt.

    Start > Administrative Tools > Services > Restart “Windows Audio”

    or if it happens enough make a batch file:

    net stop "Windows Audio"
    net start "Windows Audio"

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  • Ferrari Case Study

    I just read the Ferrari case study and was surprised by this statement, “Site traffic has increased by 237 percent, with a 150 percent increase in unique visitors.” SharePoint by itself doesn’t increase traffic.  Understanding how search engines look at your site and being able to manage the content search engines look at increases traffic. 

    The article did state that it’s now easier manage content than it was in their previous java based version.  It almost sounded like they had to have a developer make all content changes.  I’m not a Java fan, but I do think this is a cheap shot at a whole platform.  There are plenty of bad content management solutions in .NET technologies too.  The increased traffic was a combination of a few things.

    When the content, meta tags, titles and other asset areas are easy to manage it’s easier to make the search engines like ...

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