• F#

    So I just downloaded Visual Studio 2010 and in the time that it took to download and install I went and did some research on F#.  I’ve been feeling a little behind lately so when I saw F# I thought, “Great! What happened to D# and E#?  I’m still back over here on C#!”

    Turns out that F# is for functional programming - in short passing functions  and results around through pipes.  It’ll remind some of PowerShell.  A lot of the examples out there now are very mathematical based. Not sure if this is marketing to the financial and engineering problems or if the language is solely suited for that kind of problem.  There is also built in parallelism which made me start paying attention again.  The other thing that I like about it a lot is that it’s a script and about as fast as C# and C++.

    let’s ...

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  • Migration to sitefitiny

    I just migrated from CMS 2002 to sitefinity.  I looked at a lot of different options and decided that sitefinity was best for me.  The migration was fairly strait forward with a few minor hiccups here and there.  All in all I’m pretty happy with sitefinity.

    How I decided which WCM tool to use.

    First of all free was a qualifier.  If I couldn’t get it for free then it didn’t get looked at.  A logo at the bottom of the page is a small price to pay for me, which is the requirement of sitefinity and others.

    I looked at community server which I ended up using for the South Florida SharePoint User Group SFSPUG.  Community Server was really more geared to a community site, as you would expect by the name.  Telligent also makes a product called Graffiti and I looked at that as well.

    I almost ...

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