• DevConnections

    I just got back from devConnections.  It's actually still going on, but I had to come home and forage.  I'm not going to make the mistake of writing a blog post like I did for the MVP summit again, but suffice it to say I met a lot of people and cemented more relationships.

    Lawrence Liu was to do the key note presentation and he was stuck in Chicago, on his birthday no less, so I ended up having 2 hour to prepare for it.  I literally had 15 minutes of fame, it was a lot of fun and the best part was when attendees told me how much they appreciated it.

    It was a great event and I'm glad I went.

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  • Hey, my name's Stacy Draper, who the heck are you?

    I just got back from the MVP summit 2007 and as with all conferences I tried to meet as many folks as I could. I met Sean O’Driscoll who, as it turns out, is the person ultimately responsible for the MVP award program. I must say Sean has a great sense of humor. Met Jason Medero for the first time, we are working on the same Wrox book. We discussed everything from balance of life issues to crazy clients. Because of our conversation I’m getting a kayak, canoe or something and paddle up and down the intracoastal in the morning and making some time for me.

    When it comes to balance of life we all decided to take Monday off and shoot each other with paintballs. Besides doing the Macarena, I think paintball is the most fun I’ve ever had. Dan Larson has some video of paintball, ...

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  • Berlin SharePoint

    So the European SharePoint conference was outstanding.  The beer was especially good and the people were great.  I had opportunity to meet a lot of people who work with and around SharePoint.  A lot of folks that I already knew of but hadn't had opportunity to meet yet.

    I stayed at the Estrel Berlin hotel, where the conference was held.  I bought a wireless lan internet access coupon for 8 hours.   The username is EST0085587 and the password is 38127656.  I didn't use much of it so there should be close to 8 hours left.

    The was the largest SharePoint focused conference to date.  There was quite an exhibit hall, many sessions and just an all around great experience.  I think  the most surprising thing was that everyone spoke great English.  It was freezing cold so I decided to see Germany from the inside out only going out 3 nights ...

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