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    Ok so I've been awarded a couple of prizes from Community-Credit, and I'm forever wondering.  Where do they get that cool stupid crap at?  Ok, so let me first say that I'm fairly banner blind.  I never really noticed that there were Think Geek banners all over the Community-Credit site.  Or even knew what they did.  Until now I never got anything good in life from a banner.  Out of all the  stuff they got on Think Geek I initially ordered some cool stuff that I really need like a crossover adapter.  How cool is that?  An adapter that takes a normal Ethernet cable and turns it into a cross over cable. Sweet!  I don't know when but I'm sure I'll need this some day.  I just hope i have it with me when I do.  The other cool thing I got was a power squid.  This ...

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  • I won 13th Place!

    Well I stayed up until 11:30 last night trying to get my last minute entries into community-credit.  Thanks to my last minute efforts I fell into 13th place. 

    I won a sleeping dog!  As described by the award letter -

    The Sleeping Dog is an outrageous office toy that consists of a fake dog on a little pillow. Everyone who sees the cute little dog lying quietly by your desk will do a double take because it looks so real. Strategically place the dog in your office to startle co-workers and visitors. The Sleeping Dog is a fun office companion that is sure to bring some laughter to your workplace.

    I have a perfect home for it right here in my cube!

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  • Community Credit Point Rush!

    David Silverlight has done great things with Community-Credit that I wasn’t aware of.  Apparently there are other sites integrated with Community-Credit.   When you sign up for an event on Alex’s SherStaff you get 1,000 points.  Plus you’d get more points for actually showing up.  This still leaves a lot of work for David.   I can’t imagine what kind of masochist he is.  Not only does he have millions of points to conservatively hand out, I bet there is a lot of contention about what is fair and what is not fair.

    I was looking to see what other people do to gain points.  That’s how I stumbled upon the sites integration.  I noticed that some people are fairly conservative others are fairly aggressive.  I saw a 1000 word article that was posted in four sections - that’s roughly 250 words per part.  Not saying that it wasn’t a good ...

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