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  • Is it so wrong to seed your GUID?

    I don’t know how wrong it is to seed your GUID.  But I did it just for fun and here it is http://wildwires.com/Products/GUID.aspx

    I got tired of looking at impersonal GUIDs and I wanted something familiar to look at.  I thought I wonder what if I high jacked a few of those characters for my self.  So I grabbed the first 16, there are 32 in all.  The first 16 I can put in just about anything I want.  The last 16 is the number of seconds since my birth.  So if someone has the first 16 characters and me and at the same exact second in there life as me creates a guid,  well then I guess we’ll have a duplicate.

    On the upside, I can get an understanding of what it is I’m looking at and hopefully I’ll be able to do my work faster.  I was making ...

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  • Experiences with my SharePoint development farm

    So I’ve been building out a new development farm and trying a few things out on it here and there.   I’ve experimented with the dynamic ram in Hyper-v.  The database server got so messed up he didn’t even know he was running sql.  I set it back to a static amount, rebooted and all was right with the world.  I had two web front ends and the surprise there was both web front ends have to be up if you want the .wsp solution to install correctly.  I spent all my time today getting bginfo set up just the way I wanted it.  I guess the first thing to do is describe my environment.

    First off I had to make a choice between Hyper-V and VMware.  At the time I built the host my client was mostly using Hyper-V, or so I was told.  It turned out later that they ...

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  • F#

    So I just downloaded Visual Studio 2010 and in the time that it took to download and install I went and did some research on F#.  I’ve been feeling a little behind lately so when I saw F# I thought, “Great! What happened to D# and E#?  I’m still back over here on C#!”

    Turns out that F# is for functional programming - in short passing functions  and results around through pipes.  It’ll remind some of PowerShell.  A lot of the examples out there now are very mathematical based. Not sure if this is marketing to the financial and engineering problems or if the language is solely suited for that kind of problem.  There is also built in parallelism which made me start paying attention again.  The other thing that I like about it a lot is that it’s a script and about as fast as C# and C++.

    let’s ...

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