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    After receiving notice that I was accepted into the program  I get my user name and password in less than 30 minutes.  I get logged in and it was confusing at first because it’s a whole new interface and paradigm.  Like chat and forums all mixed into one.  Like forums with the extra ability to reply right in the middle of someone else's sentence.

    The first thing I wanted to do was build extract a wave to my own web page.  I did that at http://www.wildwires.com/wave/demo1.aspx it’s my wave attempting to recruit other developers to help build a bunch of controls around wave. 

    I was trying to figure out how to keep the screen shot in sync like take one every 5 minutes for example,  but I couldn’t figure out an easy way to do that.

    So far there are three of us and 2 features, create new wave and ...

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  • An invitation to Google Wave Developer Sandbox

    So I just got an email about Google wave.  Basically it was a URL sending me to a Google docs form where I entered what I would like my user name to be and stuff like that.  It says in a few days that I should get some additional information.

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