System Integration

The intranet is where people should go to get and manipulate data.  Far too often an intranet has been set up around one specific function.  Like an ISO certification, or 3 very specific documents that everyone has to read, or even just an “I’m out of the office” application.  Typically there are many application silos and users must juggle many applications to do their job.  The idea behind data integration is to allow people to use just one tool to do their jobs.

If for example you have Key Performance Indicators on your intranet.  People proactively go to the site to get the information they need so they know how to proceed.   Perhaps the KPIs indicate that the company needs to order more widgets.  Ordering more widgets shouldn’t be a process of going to another application.  It should be as simple as clicking a link so the user can order more widgets.  This is what data integration is all about.

You’re organization probably already has many systems that are outside of SharePoint.  Wouldn’t it be productive to be able to read existing data, write data, update data, or delete data all from the web?  Leveraging the existing investments and investing a week’s worth of time your organization can surface these applications via a SharePoint interface.

The Problem

SharePoint has a had a Business Data Catalog (BCD) in 2007 and new in 2010 a Business Connectivity System (BCS)  and for the demonstrations that are out there both technologies are intriguing. Each are often times found wanting.  In the 2007 technologies we had to write a huge application definition file, in 2010 they made it a little easier, but beyond that there’s a contextual problem that has to be understood.  Very bad things can happen when data is surfaced for manipulation outside of the business rules.

Our Solution

We work with you and understand your needs, propose a solution and time permitting actually do it for you showing you what we do every step of the way.  Your team has the knowledge necessary to safely surface data on their own long after we leave.


$12,500 – Includes consulting in and around the BDC or BCS for one week, time permitting surfacing data.