Our Services

Put simply, our business is fulfilling the missing bits of functionality in commercial or proprietary software.  Most projects in the past have been based on a time and materials basis.  Many customers have asked for a fixed price and so we've taken processes that we've seen a lot and turn them into very small engagements.

  • System Integration in SharePoint
    • Surfacing data into a SharePoint UI, whether it be intranet, extranet or Internet.  We'll show you how to do it appropriately so that existing business logic is leveraged.
  • SharePoint Performance Report
    • Using a wide variety of tools we will provide detailed performance report.
  • Adoption
    • Adoption problems are complex.  We'll show you how to get people to use your SharePoint portal. 
  • SharePoint Forms based Authentication
    • We'll come in and set up FBA and show you some tools that you can use to make life easier for you. 
  • Phone Support
    • You buy a block of hours and we'll be available to answer any question you have.