Create a Familar GUID

Sometimes life is just easier if you can recognize a GUID.

711d712e-57ac-d2a7-41d3-d4ba8e48b200 may not look like much at first glance:

711d712e is WildWire, my company name, WildWires, LLC.,  truncated to 8 characters.

57ac is my Stac, my first name, Stacy, truncated to 4 characters.

d2a7 is Drap, my last name, Draper, truncated to 4 characters.

41d3-d4ba8e48b200 is how old I was in seconds when I clicked the button.

so if you see a guid out there that is prefaced with 711d712e-57ac-d2a7 it's probably mine.  What is you're personal GUID namespace going to be?  Comment or trackback