I may pick and choose who I work with but at least I’m not asking the government for money

Here’s a page out of my Sunday morning.  I went to Chrysler.  I heard that they had some pretty good deals so I thought I’d go find out more about it. Having crappy luck online and being in the area to big one that didn’t close down recently I thought I’d just drop in.  Just on a whim and maybe walk out with a car.  I just need adaptive cruise control and a few other things and I’d be set.  Walking into the dealership I saw this sweet little Dodge Challenger and it looked cool.

Upon entering the Arrigo dealership I found there were 4 sales people and a receptionist.  One of the sales people greeted me and asked me how I was doing and if he could help me.  I said, “Sure, I’ve heard you got some great deals and I’d like to know more about your product line.”  He pushes me off with a back handed wave onto the other sales people behind him. 

Another one in the bunch notices that I’m flailing and he asks me if he can help me.  So I tell him the same but this time I don’t say what I want as smoothly, in looking back on it it’s because now I’m a little bugged and the Challenger is now where in my mind.  I’m wondering to myself why I’m even here.  Then this person comes up in between us and tries to be cute, but she’s not, and asks me if she can help me.

Noticing that she was obviously the receptionist I said, “Look please don’t ask me if you can help me if you really can’t?”  I’m there to buy a car,  it’s not that big of a jump in logic.  She nods her head like she’ll be able to help me so I tell my story a third time.  She responds with, “Can I get some information?”

“No.” she obviously wasn’t just wanting my name.  I’m certain she wanted my address, email, and phone number.  I just want to learn about Chrysler.  She stood there looking at me with her shoulders shrugged as if to say, “If you don’t give me any information I can’t sell you car.”  But before she could even come up with any nonsense like that I turned and started to walk out and it struck me as I was walking to the door and I turned and said  “I may pick and choose who I work with, but at least I’m not asking the government for money.”

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