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  • Migration to sitefitiny

    I just migrated from CMS 2002 to sitefinity.  I looked at a lot of different options and decided that sitefinity was best for me.  The migration was fairly strait forward with a few minor hiccups here and there.  All in all I’m pretty happy with sitefinity.

    How I decided which WCM tool to use.

    First of all free was a qualifier.  If I couldn’t get it for free then it didn’t get looked at.  A logo at the bottom of the page is a small price to pay for me, which is the requirement of sitefinity and others.

    I looked at community server which I ended up using for the South Florida SharePoint User Group SFSPUG.  Community Server was really more geared to a community site, as you would expect by the name.  Telligent also makes a product called Graffiti and I looked at that as well.

    I almost ...

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