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  • 18 Ways to Be a Team Member Other People Want to Work With

    This list began by reading a few articles about being a great leader and while thinking those may be great leadership qualities they are also great people qualities, team member skills, people we all want to work with traits.  We’ve all been on teams, if you haven’t you were on a team and didn’t know it, or you will someday.  It’s the number three guarantee of life, you will be on a team, it’s right up there with death and taxes.  Some teams are way more fun to be on than others, what makes those teams more fun.  Some might say it’s what you’re working on and to a certain degree that’s true, but I’ve done some nasty jobs and really enjoyed the team I was on.  It’s the people.  The people are what make a team and ultimately the work you do an enjoyable experience.  But it’s not just ...

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