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  • Greater Southeast District Information Community

    I just found a regional SharePoint site / special interest group http://gsdiwc.officeisp.net/.  I wish I can remember where I found it, I always like to give credit where it's due.   There are some pretty impressive members, both clients and consultants collaborating together and forging ahead.

    I recently posted to tips and tricks and this is what I wrote.

    Using RSS Feeds to Promote Adoption

    Lack of Traffic

    Ok! So, SharePoint has been deployed and people are using the sites. Or are they? Sometimes the corporate culture is such that people, for whatever reason, do use the portal. Perhaps it’s a lot of work to open a browser and just not worth the investment to get information about the place where they work, a place users feel they already know a lot about.

    Often an attractive lure is information that is relevant to me, my job or my company that ...

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