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Wild Wires offers an innovative and dynamic approach to managing your business through internet-based solutions. We can provide you with state-of-the-art processes and proven methods that will allow your organization to realize its full business potential. Wild Wires specializes in a number of areas that take full advantage of the power of the internet. Methods such as our Wild WiresÒ Training Program to our high performance, user-friendly software contributes to our ability to offer a “whole-solution” approach that achieves measurable and significant results.

Many organizations have and continue to utilize Wild Wires for its unique and innovative approach to problem-solving and have benefited from our ability to customize solutions that meet their needs.

We feel strongly that our processes and products offer the superior features that can provide the dramatic results necessary to allow your organization to be more efficient and effective in today’s competitive landscape.

Wild Wires is also dedicated to attracting programmers, technical leads, IT professionals and business people that share the same interest in using the internet to help provide solutions in today’s fast-paced business environments. Wild Wires seeks to create a forum that allows individuals to share and exchange information and ideas that will help to strengthen and enhance their approach to using internet. Join Wild Wires to get the latest tips available from others that are looking to strengthen their own skills and expertise.

Products and Services

Wild Wires is proud to offer its customers a wide array of products and services that represent quality and state-of-the art technology. Our organization prides itself in being able to meet the needs of its customers. Through standard applications or customized designs, Wild Wires is committed to providing the necessary solutions that address the challenges that are faced by many organizations in the world today. We are committed to superior customer service and support before, during and after any project. Our products and services include:

Application Development

Our company utilizes Microsoft as its primary foundation to build its internet-based applications. By partnering with Microsoft and their well-known and widely used systems, Wild Wires helps to ensure a smooth and effective transition into just about any existing technological architecture.

Project Management

Wild Wires provides proven processes in order to ensure the proper management of any project. From the planning phase of gaining a clear understanding of your business goals to the actual implementation of our solutions, Wild Wires provides the necessary management steps to ensure a smooth and measurable path to success.

Training and Support Through Wild Wires Training

Wild Wires also provides the necessary training and support that will allow our applications to operate effectively and efficiently now and in the future. Through Wild Wires Training, an organization’s staff will be trained from the initial stages of development to the actual implementation of the application and beyond. By combining our vast background of expertise with our own methods of training, Wild Wires Training has turned into an innovative and effective service. Wild Wires is also an official Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Technical Support Line

Wild Wires also offers after-delivery assistance through its technical support line. The technical support line is a "900" number that is designed to provide fast, convenient and user-friendly access to trained technical professionals at Wild Wires.


Wild Wires has an excellent understanding of what components may be needed to build hardware for its customers. The result is Wild Wires’ ability to guarantee and build hardware at half the cost of what others can provide.

Software Packages

Our organization has the capability to develop and implement software packages that address the needs of businesses along a wide range of industries. From Hosting software that takes advantage of every facet in order to ensure maximum efficiency to Small Office applications that offer a suite of tools that enhance any small office’s capability to meet their growing demands


Wild Wires invites you to visit all the areas of our web site so you can evaluate this new and innovative approach to the internet and how it can help you and your organization. At Wild Wires we are…

“Letting You Do What You Do Best.”